Library Book Sale Loot 2014

My favorite book sale of the year has been going on this weekend at the public library. Somehow my husband only found ONE lousy book on Marx, but I came home with a neat 30 in a rainbow of flavors.  My son split the difference with about 15. I am excited about everything I found–highlights are a hardback printing of Musashi for a mere $2, American Seashells by R. Tucker Abbott, and several other books about things Japanese or by Japanese authors.

Right pile

A few weeks ago we were browsing in a terrific used book store down in the city’s antique row. On their half-price shelf they had many titles in a series of reprints by Time, Inc in the mid-60s. I bought a couple at the time purely for the sake of the covers, and then found many more today at the library sale. I grabbed every one I could find. Then, I confess, we headed down to antiques row (it was just down the street a spell) and I bought MORE at the book shop! I had not heard of all the titles I bought, but a quick search on Amazon when I got home suggests that I mostly chose well content-wise. I absolutely love the 60s graphics on all the covers and would love to own the whole set of (I think) 78 titles. I now own 14– a ways to go. Some highlights from today’s haul:

I, Claudius

The two below are hard to read in this picture but that is The Financial Expert by R.K. Narayan on the left and The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers at right.

Naryayan and McCullersDay of the Locust

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