Innocence & Authenticity

Does authenticity matter in fiction? Do we need to believe in the truth of the characters and their behaviors to stick with or appreciate a novel? I think that my answer to this question is yes, at least me for me. If I can’t believe in the character, it is like watching a poorly acted movie. The suspension of my immediate reality never occurs, and I am never sucked into the book (or movie) in a deeply satisfying way. Continue reading

The White Woman on the Green Bicycle

The White Woman on the Green Bicycle“They took him to the top of Paramin Hill.” —The White Woman on a Green Bicycle, by Monique Roffey

My reading in 2013 took me both to the American West and to the Caribbean. The White Woman on the Green Bicycle takes place in Trinidad and explores some of my very favorite themes—the life of the expat, the other, and the impact of colonialism.

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