Telex From Cuba

telex from cubaEverly Lederer, January 1952

“There it was on the globe, a dashed line of darker blue on the lighter blue of the Atlantic.” — Telex From Cuba, Rachel Kushner

This wonderfully atmospheric novel begins begins with a young American girl,  Everly, trying to imagine crossing the Tropic of Cancer as she moves with her family to Cuba for her father’s job overseeing a Nicaro nickel mine shortly before the Cuban revolution in the 1950s. Her only frame of reference for this monumental life change is a line on the globe, colors she imagines the sea looks like, and stories from books  like Treasure Island. She cannot imagine the landscape she will encounter, climate, inhabitants, or culture of her home-to-be, let alone the seething unrest of the Cubans towards US sugar and mining interests.

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