Wishing for More: I am Livia

I am LiviaThough it’s been weirdly warm here in recent days, a couple of weeks ago it was gray and dreary and I  kept shuffling around my bookshelves looking for a historical novel set in an exotic location to escape into. I really wanted to read another novel like Robert Harris’ Pompeii ; it really captures the heat and flavor of Roman life on the Bay of Naples so many thousands of years ago. So I was rather excited when I opened my inbox and saw that the Kindle daily deal was I am Livia by Phyllis T. Smith. Two thousand plus stellar reviews suggested that this might be the time travel vehicle I was looking for.

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Pompeii“They left the aquaduct two hours before dawn, climbing by moonlight into the hills overlooking the port–six men in single file, the engineer leading.” — Pompeii, Robert Harris

I have been reading to my son ever since he was born. Even now at 13, he seems to welcome the chance to fiddle with Legos and cuddle the cat while listening intently as I spin off a chapter or two each evening. One of our first “chapter” novel reads was Dragon Rider by Urusla LeGuin–which remains, he tells me, one of his favorite books though I’ve never seen him crack the cover on his own. Left to his own devices, he reads gobs of  sci-fi and all distopian teen fiction.

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